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Hello, my name is Dalton. Dalton Daily, which you probably figured out from the contact information in the footer. I was born, and raised, in rural Indiana. At the current moment, I'm taking classes with Purdue to acquire a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Graphics Technologies. This degree path is a very broad path, covering everything from Graphics Design, 3D Modeling, Game Design, and basically anything and everything that could fall under the 'do it on a computer' sphere of influence.

The reason I'm not more specific as to what I'm specialized in is simply put... I don't know what I want to be! There are a lot of possible paths I could go down. I'm trying my hand at a lot of things, and crossing things off as I go. It gets even more complicated when I throw my hobbies into it. Writing and literature are big interests for me. In an ideal world, I could combine everything into one job. Maybe I'll get luck
y and find something that matches that, eh?

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